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Created16.01.2020 06:49

Dorian Dg (Unknown) 16.01.2020 06:49
Hello, I repeat my post because the above advice does not work for me, I mean that I downloaded the mod from the Internet (tractor) and I would like it to be on my map to start, so this is not the original mod, I uploaded it to the mod, then I did save, I copied the vehicles line to my map to the vehicles file I tried to change the destination path because I uploaded the mod to my map so that the map read the mod directly from my folder and not from the main mod unfortunately this way it does not work for me I have already tried moddir mapdir to no avail I do not want to change the save location nor play mod files because I would like to share the map and no one will change the path in advance greetings and I apologize for any mistakes if someone can write me more or less how to copy original mods and start them directly from my map I will be grateful

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