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Created19.01.2020 03:14

Afmodding (1DAFUL) 19.01.2020 03:14

I'm working on a placeable mod for FS19.
The placeable type is buyingStation.
There are more than one buying station in the mod.

You can buy at separately place:
BuyingStation_1: wheat, barley, oat, corn
BuyingStation_2: seeds
BuyingStation_3: fertelizer, lime

I have tride this:

<hotspot name="Buying Station" fullName="BuyingStation_1" imageName="SELLING_POINT" hidable="true" linkNode="0|1" category="CATEGORY_TRIGGERS" />
<hotspot name="Buying Station" fullName="BuyingStation_2" imageName="SELLING_POINT" hidable="true" linkNode="0|1" category="CATEGORY_TRIGGERS" />
<hotspot name="Buying Station" fullName="BuyingStation_3" imageName="SELLING_POINT" hidable="true" linkNode="0|1" category="CATEGORY_TRIGGERS" />

<buyingStation stationName="BuyingStation_1" storageRadius="0" fillSoundIdentifier="fillSound01">
<loadTrigger triggerNode="0|0|0|0|0" fillLitersPerSecond="350" infiniteCapacity="true" autoStart="false" dischargeNode="0|0|0|0|1">
<fillType name="wheet" priceScale="0.5"/>
<fillType name="barley" priceScale="0.5"/>
<fillType name="oat" priceScale="0.5"/>
<fillType name="corn" priceScale="0.5"/>

<buyingStation stationName="BuyingStation_2" storageRadius="0" fillSoundIdentifier="fillSound01">
<loadTrigger triggerNode="0|1|0|0|0" fillLitersPerSecond="350" infiniteCapacity="true" autoStart="false" dischargeNode="0|1|0|0|1">
<fillType name="seed" priceScale="0.5"/>

<buyingStation stationName="BuyingStation_1" storageRadius="0" fillSoundIdentifier="fillSound01">
<loadTrigger triggerNode="0|2|0|0|0" fillLitersPerSecond="350" infiniteCapacity="true" autoStart="false" dischargeNode="0|2|0|0|1">
<fillType name="fertelizer" priceScale="0.5"/>
<fillType name="lime" priceScale="0.5"/>

There are no Silos in the mod that is why don't need effectNodes.
There are pallets on the ground for decoration reason, player have to drive close to the triggers to refill tools and vehicles.

In the game time only BuyingStation_1 is working.
I would like to inquiry how can I write correct script in mod.xml?

Further question, how can I add selling station ( sellingStationGeneric) in to the same mod?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 19.01.2020 15:59
Due to the xml parser it doesn't work if you have multiple tags <buyingStation> in your xml. The parser will evaluate only ONE tag (the first).

For examples, also for sellingStations, see game default objects in $data/placeables.

A combination of multiple buyingStations or together with a sellingStation is NOT provided by the default LUA scripts. You had to write your own custom script.

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