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Created19.01.2020 10:08

Afmodding (1DAFUL) 19.01.2020 10:08
I would like to inquiry what is the file format of 2pixel*16pixel customGradient dds files?
I working in Photoshop with Intel Texture Works Plugin and NVIDIA Texture Tools.

The GE Editor (8.1.0) does not recognise any other compression settings or the final results is not what I want to see.
According to the GE editor the BC1, BC3, BC5, BC6H, BC7 compression formats are incorrects.
There is only one settings is coming with correct result:
Compression: None, RGBA, 32BPP, Uncompressed.
But, in the GE Console coming up this line:
Warning (performance): Texture C:/Users/xxx/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2019/mods/FS19_placeableFarmShop/farmShop_CusrtomGradient.png raw format. (actualy the png is dds file)

I let the GE editor to compress by itself from png to dds, the result is a 4pixel*16pixel file with completely different colors what I want.

By the way, the mod is working well without bug and not cause any issue in game time.

The warning message is disturning me.
Can anyone help?

Thomas A. (Unknown) 19.01.2020 15:02
Hi, with is more easy...

DTX5 for transparent texture and DXT1 for solid texture.

Hungrycowdesign (HungryCow212) 13.05.2020 17:36
I have the same issue. Did you ever discover a solution?

Ander Ss (anderrios) 16.08.2020 16:16
Hello, I have the same problem with the raw texture warning

Original game texture config: 32bit-A8R8G8B8 2X16 mipMap 1/1 (no mipMap)

I try:
with result: 32bit-A8R8G8B8 2X16 mipMap 1/1 (no mipMap)

Warning (performance): Texture ........./ raw format.

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