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Animal Husbandry Module duplicate ?

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Created19.01.2020 19:11

Mr Merzi (Merzi) 19.01.2020 19:11
Hello everyone,

I would like to duplicate the modules at the animals.
So that I have for example several places to feed or bedding.
I have already tried this with the straw but without success:

<module name="straw">
<config node="0|5" exactFillRootNode="0" fillTypes="STRAW">
<config node="0|5|1" exactFillRootNode="0" fillTypes="STRAW">
<fillPlane node="0|5|2" minY="0.17" maxY="0.633" colorChange="false" />


Do either of you have any ideas? I would be very happy to receive an answer.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 19.01.2020 19:56
Forget it. The default husbandry LUAs don't support multiple <module> of same type or more than one <config>

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