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Created20.01.2020 02:51

Terry Morgan (Unknown) 20.01.2020 02:55
I would like to see mods like the tri-bine mod put on ps4 and several others like automatic pig food mixer for my young son, they would be very time saving for him since he doesn't have that much time to spend on the game, please and thanks for your time.

Derek Squire (dezza069) 22.01.2020 11:44
This is a developer network - not a request forum.

Good luck constructing those mods, I'm looking forward to downloading them from the modhub and utilising your hard work and efforts...

Terry Morgan (Unknown) 25.01.2020 06:51
Ok, not a request forum, but who better to ask then if not the developers, answer that.

Terry Morgan (Unknown) 25.01.2020 06:52
Ok, not a request forum, but who better to ask then if not the developers, answer that.

Derek Squire (dezza069) 25.01.2020 14:04
Normally request requests on a modders site, or use the FS public forum: - there's places there to ask.

This is supposed to be a forum for coders to use for help.

Terry Morgan (Unknown) 25.01.2020 15:52
Thx for info, don't know why i was invited to this forum, been trying to get info for my son, he loves this game 17 and 19, he plays when he can, sometimes all night, his hours are messed up, he doesn't go to school and doesn't have long to be here so try to get him what he likes, his dr. appointments take up most of his time, anyway thx for your answer and help will try this new info.

Eric Daniels (MrEric) 28.01.2020 20:10
Hi Terry nothing happens fast in the Farming Sim Community, even the developers that wrote the modding platform don't offer much help or resources to help the modders. It's pretty sad actually that by the time good mods come around for a version of the game they are releasing a new version of the game that everyone is supposed to run out and purchase to relearn how to mod all over again.

I got some mixer mods and bale mods but even if I submitted them right this second to modhub it could take up to 10 days to be added to the in game modhub. It's why I just write or customize my own mods and don't really bother with submitting them.

I'll give it a go submitting them but no promises that they will be accepted by giants....

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