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Created22.01.2020 00:00

Dave Clifton (Crazyredneck) 22.01.2020 00:00
Hello All,

So lets get to it I guess.

We have been working on Mills County and recently added in the corn commodities from Randomsparks, alfaalfa and corn/bean bales. We are trying to add these fill types through the map it self to all mixer wagons including base game ones. Though our efforts have not been very sucessful. One of my team found a LUA script to do this on the GDN but it does not seem to work.

Is their any other way to do this?

Thanks in advance.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 22.01.2020 01:33
The default 'mixerWagon.lua' uses explicite 'mixerWagonFillType' (instead a category).
According to the lua, the mixerwagon.xml's are also based on <mixerWagonFillType>.

That means for enhancing to a fillType category you would need a quite complex custom script which replaces the default lua to use a fillTypeCategory instead a single fillType.

For using default vehicles you'll need also replace the <mixerWagonFillType> entries with appropriate category.

I'd say: better forget it. *g*

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