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What do I have to change to make a plow an cultivator?

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Created22.01.2020 03:37

Keegan Leach (keeganleach) 22.01.2020 03:37
I am trying to change a plow to cultivator. When I go through the XML and have it change or replace the words to cultivator. When I go into the game I can't get the implement to cultivate the field or get the cultivator texture to come through. What am I doing wrong?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 22.01.2020 07:26
Beneath changing the vehicle type you must also insert the right xml tags section <cultivator> and adapt the workareas accordingly.
Take a default cultivator xml from game as template.

Eric Daniels (MrEric) 28.01.2020 20:32
Keegan your best course of action would be to study the differences between plow and cultivator mods from with in the game.

You might even want to have a look at subsoilers also they have both functions.

I use notepad ++ view/ move/clone to other view to have the files side by side to compare differences and make notes in an empty text file for reference. Also try not to delete anything but rather copy and paste the lines you think you need to change and comment the original lines out using the <!-- --> commenting blocks

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