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Increasing amount of Farmland-IDs

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Created28.01.2020 23:37

Richard Reuße (Richard7CE) 28.01.2020 23:37
Hello everyone!
I am working on a 4x-map and therefore increased the amount of available farmland-ids. I increased it to 9 Bits, so they could go up to 511.
But now for every farmland with an id higher than 255 it logs the following error when opening the view for buyable farmlands ingame:
"Error: Setting state color with invalid state '256'. Maximum allowed is 255"
These farmlands are showing in lighter grey, no matter if bought or not.

Is there any value I forgot to change? (I had them at 8 Bits at first)
Is this just some problem for this view or has it any further impacts?
Does anyone know if there is a workaround?
I tried to buy this farmland and it worked.

I would not like to change it back to 8 Bits because this would require some really large farmlands on the map.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 29.01.2020 00:59
You must adapt in the map.i3d the
<TerrainTransformGroup..> <Layers> <InfoLayer name="farmland" fileId=".." numChannels="x"/>

as well as in "farmlands.xml"
<map> <farmlands ... numChannels="x" ..>

There's a detailed guide in general forum

Richard Reuße (Richard7CE) 29.01.2020 01:40
Yes, I know that guide and used it in the first place, but thanks ;)

I just checked it and both entries are set to 9.

I'm not sure whether this may be a limitation in the engine itself, because in the editor the selectable values in the dropdown for farmland-ids also stop at 255 (even though I can check all 9 bits underneath and paint farmland-ids higher than 255 that way)

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 29.01.2020 02:26
I don't know for sure, but it might be there's a restriction to byte (8-bit) values only.
Also most other auxiliary files (density, weight, ..) have a bit depth of 8.

Richard Reuße (Richard7CE) 29.01.2020 12:27
This could very well be.
I'm changing it back to 8 bits and group some fields in one farmland.

Thank you anyway!

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