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Telehandler arm movements problem

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Created01.02.2020 12:51

Unknown 01.02.2020 12:51
So I have this telehandler, and all the arm movements work. The only thing I didn't manage to get working is the levelling of the tool. The telehandlers in the basegame have rotation compensation on the tool, so when you lift the arm the tool counter rotates to keep the tool level. That's also what is done in real life. I tried looking in the XML at the movingTools part but I really can't see how it is done. I've tried comparing the XML with the one of a telehandler from the basegame but they look identical.

How is this levelling compensation done?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 01.02.2020 18:18
This is done with <dependentMovingTool> , <dependentPart>.
These referenced <movingTool> , <movingPart> often have additional attributes 'referencePoint' , 'referenceFrame'.

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