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Problem with water trailer discharge trigger

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Created02.02.2020 04:20

Rubens De Moraes (Rhubens) 02.02.2020 04:20
My water trailer is working to fill normally, but to discharge it only works to refuel other vehicles (it receive and delivery from and to other vehicles), liquid silos and liquid triggers on the map don't work. Can someone say why?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 02.02.2020 09:38
The trailer must have the spec 'Dischargeable' and appropriate entry <dischargeable> in the vehicle.xml.

Rubens De Moraes (Rhubens) 02.02.2020 20:04
<dischargeNode node="0>0|3|4" emptySpeed="1000" fillUnitIndex="1" canDischargeToGround="true">
<info width="1.0" length="0.5" zOffset="0.4" />
<trigger node="0>0|3|5" />

The node is corresponding to i3d index, and the i3d trigger node is... rigid body>kinematic>compound, collision and trigger is checked. and collision mask is 40.000.000 (only number 30 is checked)

Before ask some help I compare to others trailers of giants, and it has the same configuration, but dont work with triggers, only with others vehicles, I have no idea what I can do to correct this.

Rubens De Moraes (Rhubens) 02.02.2020 20:30

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 02.02.2020 21:04
You sure about the xml <vehicle type=".."> includes the spec 'dischargeable'?

Also check the i3d discharge trigger. It must not be scaled and large enough to cover ground.

Rubens De Moraes (Rhubens) 03.02.2020 02:27
Yes, you help me so much. The problem was: <vehicle type="fuelTrailer">. I changed the "fuelTrailer" to "waterTrailer"....solved!. Thanks a lot.

Rubens De Moraes (Rhubens) 03.02.2020 02:27

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