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Backup for map and how to mod a map that i already played

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Created09.02.2020 01:59

Unknown 09.02.2020 01:59
Hello everyone,

My main question is : How to edit a map that i already play ?
i actually played on th EU map, i just wanted to removed some decorations but i don't know where i can find "my" map.
i also test the editing software and as the dumb*** that i am, i editing the original map and just leave a tree by mistake,
that bring me to my second question : where can i find a backup for the i3d files for originals map ?

excuse my english and thanks in advance

Unknown 09.02.2020 02:00
sorry for the repost i didn't know that F5 will create more

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 09.02.2020 02:14
YOUR map is the original map. There's no backup of the original files if you didn't make one yourself.
You get the original files only by re-installing the game (and patches).

If you want to change something, do it on a cloned mod map. The editor makes it quite easy with "new mod from game".

Unknown 09.02.2020 02:26
ok thanks for your answer

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