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Created10.02.2020 00:39

John Bailey (Unknown) 10.02.2020 00:39
I am having a strange error with the 'Game Settings' tab in game, without mods this seems to work as normal however with seasons mod applied the name and each tab seems to default everytime the game is started, the setting shown are also not accurate for example traffice will be set to too but it is on as I had previously set.
I have tried the same seasons mod on other maps and this problem does not occur, I have checked the error log in game but there are no errors.
Is there something I have forgotten to add? any ideas?

One other question, has there been any update on changing the equipment for custom missions? eg for the carrot harvest the game offers a normal combine for hire however this will not harvest the carrots as there is a custom equipment, I have checked previously and seen that it was not previously possible to change from base equipment.

Once again may thanks for all your help and support

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 10.02.2020 20:39
About "seasons" I can't say anything, because I don't use it.
I'd recommand to ask on the website of the seasons authors.

The equipment for field missions is determined in the map.xml <missionVehicles filename=".." />
If you want to use non-standard fruits for missions, you must also adapt this file.

John Bailey (Unknown) 11.02.2020 11:50
thank you for your reply, I have seen that in the map.xml there is a section that states that the mission vehicles are controlled by an xml that is located $dataS/missionVehicles.xml however I cannot find this file to edit it, is there somewhere else that it is located or do you know of an example I could edit?

many thanks

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 11.02.2020 20:07
The files "$dataS*" are in packed archives "dataS*.gar" which you can't access easily. You need a special LUA script.
If you are not familar with FS19 LUA, search for "fs19 xml extractor".

There are also maps around with custom "missionVehicles.xml" which you may adapt for your purposes.
You should find them by search for "fs19 map missionVehicles.xml".

John Bailey (Unknown) 12.02.2020 02:27
thank you very very much, I have been trying to get this sorted for weeks without asking on here, I guess I just wasnt searching for the right thing, once again great help

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