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Tension belts is not working

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Created11.02.2020 20:58

Rubens De Moraes (Rhubens) 11.02.2020 21:07
I put specialization in moddesc

<type name="tractor" parent="carFillable" className="Vehicle" filename="$dataS/scripts/vehicles/Vehicle.lua">
<specialization name="tensionBeltObject"/>

I define the index path in xml

<meshNode node="0>0|13|0|1"/>

I define shape of the i3d piece: CPU mesh, tangents, distance blending, cast shadowmap, receive shadowmap

And the strap in game dont work. Am I forgeting something?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 12.02.2020 02:16
Did you confuse the specs 'tensionBeltObject' and 'tensionBelts' ?

TensionBeltObject = Specialization for vehicles which can be mounted by tension belts
TensionBelts = Class for vehicle which can dynamically mount objects (e.g. bales and pallets)

The 'tensionBeltObject' isn't used so far. Perhaps planned for an upcoming patch.

Rubens De Moraes (Rhubens) 12.02.2020 04:06
I'm trying to do the first option, a truck who can be strapped by others low trailers with tension belts

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 12.02.2020 08:47
I've seen the <tensionBeltObject> only in pallets, don't know if it's supposed to work with vehicles.
At least none of the default vehicles has this spec.

If you want to try out, take a pallet as template.

Regarding your <type name="tractor", you must not use a vehicleType which is already defined. That might lead to conflicts. Take an unused type name instead, like eg. "tractorTB".
And don't forget to change the type in the vehicle xml.

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