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Created12.02.2020 15:15

Bio Medical Extetion (Unknown) 12.02.2020 15:15

is there a code command to disable all shadows?

thx a lot.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 12.02.2020 19:29

You can see all available console commands by input "help".

Bio Medical Extetion (Unknown) 12.02.2020 19:52
thx Bilbo,

but is there a "pause" option? it's too long to see all

thx you

Da Hoffi (dahoffi) 13.02.2020 11:28
you can scroll up using the page-up/down buttons on your keyboard

Bio Medical Extetion (Unknown) 13.02.2020 15:49
thk you Hoffi,

I found that option from advanced graphics named "quality shadows",
but i need that command or code to do a mod script, because I need to enable/disable on "fly" any shadows when rains or cloudy
Can you help me pls?

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