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wheelloader with shovel fixed (Axis X)

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Created13.02.2020 21:09

Rubens De Moraes (Rhubens) 13.02.2020 21:09
I want to configure a wheel loader like the original New Holland W190 D, I want the shovel move with the arms, but don't rotate, unless I want. Anyone can help me?

Da Hoffi (dahoffi) 14.02.2020 14:36
your (arm) movingTool needs this line
<dependentMovingTool node="movingTool node of your front-swing" speedScale="-1"/>

Rubens De Moraes (Rhubens) 14.02.2020 22:18
Great, that works. Thank you. But I revised the W190 D and not found this line there, so, how do they get the same result?

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