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Help with texturing and gloss in FS19

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Created16.02.2020 15:07

Unknown 16.02.2020 15:07
I have a bit of a problem. I am making a mod, and had my model ingame with a diffuse map, normal map and grayscale specular map. This worked, and the specular map defined the reflectiveness.
Now I found out FS19 uses the specular map to define wear, AO and dirt. So reflectiveness is not defined in the specular map. As I want dirt and AO on my mod, I made an RGB specular map, and assigned the vehicle shader. This works, dirt shows but now everything is super shiny.
As my mod is partially made of wood and partially made of metal I need to define reflectiveness to make it look realistic.

But I can't find how to do this...

This is my materials section right now:
<File fileId="4" filename="$data/shaders/vehicleShader.xml"/>
<File fileId="1" filename=""/>
<File fileId="2" filename=""/>
<File fileId="3" filename=""/>

<Material name="lambert1" materialId="4" diffuseColor="0.494118 0.494118 0.494118 1">
<Material name="blinn1" materialId="5" customShaderId="4">
<Texture fileId="1"/>
<Normalmap fileId="2"/>
<Glossmap fileId="3"/>
<CustomParameter name="RDT" value="0 1 0 0"/>
<CustomParameter name="dirtColor" value="0.2 0.14 0.08 0"/>

The lambert1 is the material of the particles emitter, blinn1 is the material of my model.

Is there a way to use some kind of map to define gloss? From what I can find online it seems that previous versions of FS used the RED channel of the specular for gloss information. Any way to make this work in FS19?

Super frustrating that there are no tutorials or information about this..

Unknown 17.02.2020 19:40
Okay so after some further research I should maybe rephrase my question.
As far as I can tell FS19 doesn't use diffuse maps anymore for console compatibility. So we need to specify a material using UDIM. And this material will have a default texture assigned to it, if I am correct? And this material/texture will have a default specularity (gloss) assigned. So I should UV map my model according to the UDIM coördinates.

However, if I don't want to use the default wood texture but use a custom wood texture, how should I do this? Same goes for a metal texture.

Unknown 18.02.2020 19:33
I found a way to do it using the UDIM system. I'll explain it here in case other people who start out modding run into the same problem.
You export the part you need to be different in texture twice. One instance is then made non renderable and acts as the rigid body, and the second instance is a child of the first and is not a rigid body. This second instance uses the Decal shader variation, which allows you to use a diffuse texture. To enable this to work you need to have two UV maps, one for the specular and one for the diffuse texture. They can be copies of eachother, but have to be created in your 3D software and have to be linked to the respective textures (1 for diffuse, the other for specular) you can do this in windows > relationship editors > UV linking > UV-centric.

Stefan Geßl (Dagelkop) 29.12.2020 21:01
Could you explain it even more in detail? I have searched now for a long while and did not find any suitable solution but yours. Unfortunately I am a bit confused the way you explained the solution way.

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