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Increase number of max fillTypes

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Created16.02.2020 19:00

Steven F Austin (jwaine316) 16.02.2020 19:00
I'm trying to increase the number of max allowable filltypes. The limit is set at 256, and if you go above that, you get the error:

Error: FillTypeManager.addFillType too many fill types. Only 256 fill types are supported

I'm trying to write a script that will do this.I have tried:

FillTypeManager.SEND_NUM_BITS = 10
print("loaded max FillTypes Script")

and many different combinations of FillTypeManager with addFillType but nothing seems to work. Any helpful ideas?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 16.02.2020 22:02
It is limited by the gfx/maps which have a fixed bitdepth of 8 bits. So max. 256 variations are possible.

Steven F Austin (jwaine316) 16.02.2020 22:50
So there is no way to change that number?

Rick Armstrong (KailJaxxon) 23.03.2020 04:09
I am interested in this as the map we have currently has reached the 256. How would we go about increasing the fill types by at least 128. Any help would be awesome. Hope someone can help.

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