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Created19.02.2020 13:38

Eric Ferrer (erison) 19.02.2020 13:38
Hi, does anyone know how to change the food that the animals can eat? I would like to change it but I'm not able to find where in the files this is specified so if anyone knows please let me know, thanks.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 19.02.2020 15:47
In the placeable husbandry{type}.xml it is determined as
<module name="animals">
<config ... husbandryFileName="$dataS/character/{type}AnimalHusbandry.xml"

However I can't guarantee if it works with a custom xml outside the install path.

Eric Ferrer (erison) 20.02.2020 19:24
And how can I edit this file? I searched info for editing the .gar file but I'm not managing to do it.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 20.02.2020 20:49
New in town? Else you should know, you can't edit easily these files since the *.gar archives are in a Giants proprietary format.
Also, if you anyhow change these, you lose multiplay ability and finally at next patch these will be overwritten.

However you can extract/copy xml files from the .gar archives. Either by a custom LUA script. Or by using utilities like "FS19 XML Extractor".

Eric Ferrer (erison) 21.02.2020 03:10
Not new in the game, but new in the modding part of it, I enjoyed the mods that other did and now I wanted this and no one had done it before, so I am trying it. Can you explain me more how to do the lua script or how to use the xml extractor?
PS: I learnt how to use the xml extractor to get the xml files, now I'm searching what I have to modify and how to make that the changes aply.

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