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Created27.02.2020 01:58

Will Hansen (foofarmer) 27.02.2020 01:58

First, yes indeed I'm new at this. So please forgive my inexperience. I started playing FS with 19, and am having now enjoying exploring the modding side of things. We all start somewhere, right?

I've been trying to find documentation on what properties are available in module xml files. Reading through this forum, it looks like this documentation doesn't exist, at least publicly. Just throwing this out there and seeing is there's something I might have missed in my search.

I can and have learned quite a bit by looking though what's already out there. But if I wanted to create something which hadn't been done yet, it would be handy to have a reference for what's possible but maybe not widely utilized. I've even tried pulling strings out of the gar files (I know.. I found out why that was futile).

For example, say I wanted to mod a script-free farmers market. It has a "tank" that I fill with potatoes, and applies a usagePerHour. I know you can add usagePerHour to a manureTank property. I might ask what other 'Tanks' are available? Just liquids? Maybe a newbie example for some of you seasoned folks, but just illustrating that even having a giant flat list of available xml properties would be really helpful for searching and experimentation. (At least for us not so seasoned).

Does anything like that exist anywhere in the wild? Could it?

Thanks for your time!

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.02.2020 06:41
There is no step-for-step or all-in-one instruction to become a profi modder. *g*
However there are very much different guides and tutorials around in web. Use your preferred search engine.
I'd suggest you begin with the tutorials here on GDN and expand your knowledge by practicing. That's the way all others have started also.
In fact you can't start at zero. Some basic knowledge, eg. about file and XML handling is required. Depending on your intentions also graphics or programming experience.

Your plan about "farmers market" is not doable without scripts, since it isn't provided by default.
However there are ready-to-use scripts around which you can use, like "Global Company" or the easier, more compact "fillTypeMover".

Will Hansen (foofarmer) 27.02.2020 07:10
Definitely not looking for an all in one doc to hold my hand - would be happy with just a flat file with recognized XML properties listed in no particular order :) Don't even need them defined - the names themselves are pretty straight forward. But if the list doesn't exist, it doesn't exist.

I do have programming experience, and am good with XML. So that's a start. I enjoy the challenge, and am having quite a bit of fun working through this. I will give the tutorials a go. Thanks much for the advice.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.02.2020 21:19
There's no catalog, but the XML tags and attributes needed for common purposes are almost completely documented in the Documentation -> LUADOC.
However you need some LUA knowledge to read and understand.

Will Hansen (foofarmer) 28.02.2020 00:03
Ok. Looks like there's quite a few LUA tutorials out there, so there's a path. Thanks!

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