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Error trying to add some fruits to a map

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Created27.02.2020 18:58

sixGdie 27.02.2020 18:58
I'm trying to add some fruits to a map, then i get this error on GE:

Error: Can't load resource 'C:/Users/sixGdie/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2019/mods/sampleMap/maps/mapDE/fruit_density.gdm'.

Anyone can help me ?

There is FoliageMultiLayer:

<FoliageMultiLayer densityMapId="252" numChannels="14" numTypeIndexChannels="6" compressionChannels="6">
<FoliageType name="wheat" foliageXmlId="259"/>
<FoliageType name="grass" foliageXmlId="260"/>
<FoliageType name="canola" foliageXmlId="267"/>
<FoliageType name="barley" foliageXmlId="274"/>
<FoliageType name="maize" foliageXmlId="281"/>
<FoliageType name="decoFoliage" foliageXmlId="282"/>
<FoliageType name="potato" foliageXmlId="288"/>
<FoliageType name="sugarBeet" foliageXmlId="295"/>
<FoliageType name="sunflower" foliageXmlId="303"/>
<FoliageType name="soybean" foliageXmlId="310"/>
<FoliageType name="oilseedRadish" foliageXmlId="312"/>
<FoliageType name="poplar" foliageXmlId="313"/>
<FoliageType name="bush01" foliageXmlId="314"/>
<FoliageType name="forestBush" foliageXmlId="315"/>
<FoliageType name="oat" foliageXmlId="322"/>
<FoliageType name="sugarCane" foliageXmlId="329"/>
<FoliageType name="cotton" foliageXmlId="336"/>
<FoliageType name="spelt" foliageXmlId="344"/>
<FoliageType name="millet" foliageXmlId="351"/>
<FoliageType name="rye" foliageXmlId="358"/>
<FoliageType name="poppy" foliageXmlId="365"/>
<FoliageType name="onion" foliageXmlId="372"/>
<FoliageType name="carrot" foliageXmlId="379"/>
<FoliageType name="triticale" foliageXmlId="387"/>
<FoliageType name="rice" foliageXmlId="394"/>
<FoliageType name="tobacco" foliageXmlId="39400"/>

The fruit i'm trying to add is tobacco.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.02.2020 21:10
Your density map description is wrong. The 'numChannels' must be sum of 'numTypeIndexChannels' plus 'compressionChannels'.
Beneath make sure the file "fruit_density.gdm" exists really and the format corresponds to the map size.

sixGdie 28.02.2020 02:27
Ok, that works but i lost a few edited fields (some resizes) this normal ? i must begun from 0 ?

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