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tarctor speed is 1/2

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Created01.03.2020 21:36

Jason Henton (thumper881687) 01.03.2020 21:36
I am in the process of a major conversion of a 8000 series John Deere 4wd. The current mod is error and warning free in game and no flags in GE. I am testing the mod and is the only mod in the mod folder. I have the distance setting in game set to kilometers. The vehicle XML is has a speed set at 50, and max forward speed is set at 50 as well. when I drive the vehicle in game it tops out at 20 KPH. the entire motorized section of the xml is copied from another 4wd that I just converted as well is has no issues. whatever I change the speed and max forward speed to it seems the speed the tractor goes is only 1/2 of the limit set. I do understand that I could just keep raising the vehicle speed to get the speed I'm looking for, but I would like to find out what exactly is wrong with this and fix it correctly. Any information or ideas that you have are welcome, and any other factors that contribute to vehicle speed that I have not mentioned would be great information as well. Thanks again for your time and any help you provide

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 01.03.2020 22:07
The max. speed is depending on available transmission, the values 'maxSpeed' etc. are merely limiter.
To get a higher max. forward speed, you must adapt (reduce) the <transmission minForwardGearRatio=".."

In the general forum is a detailed guide how to calculate these things.

Jason Henton (thumper881687) 01.03.2020 22:28
the entire wheels section and motorized section of the XML are copied from a working mod. the mods in question are about identical, both 4wd articulated steering. is there anything other that controls or would alter or effect vehicle speed?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 02.03.2020 10:06
Yes. Also the section <differentials> is important. Just if you have different configs like 2wd, 4wd, ..

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