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Ingame my objects fall apart.

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Created05.03.2020 20:06

Marcell VicziƔn (UnhandyFern) 05.03.2020 20:06
Hi! I'm new to modding and I want to create a truck with my models, but i'm using a finished truck mod for testing, but everytime i import my object into the mod's transform group (so not into the root) In the shop preview it falls apart, but only those objects fall apart which i imported in. I tried everything, linked them in the component and tried rigid body, but non of them worked! Please help me!

Unknown 18.04.2020 21:45
You need to uncheck rigid body and put them under the main collision of the mod, so the main collision is the parent of the objects you imported. The main collision will be a dynamic compound collision. Might be that your objects are just set default to rigid body when your converted them to i3d, and then you can get this problem. Just make sure rigid body is unchecked.

Also, look in the downloads, there are some usefull documents there, for example 'Modding eBook PDF' which is a Dummies book on how to make mods. It's for FS17 but most of the giants editor stuff is still valid, in any case its a great start.

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