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Created09.03.2020 19:47

Milos Aleksic (MeX112) 09.03.2020 19:47
Hello, is there any way to change folder definition of animalFoodManager in placeable mod not in map?

Thanks for help!

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 10.03.2020 01:03
uh?? What do you mean?
The "AnimalFoodManager" is an internal LUA script. See
There is no path to change, you can only bypass this script by a custom LUA.

What you perhaps mean is the map.xml link <husbandryFood> ?
This is meant for maps with custom fruit/fillType definitions. Since this is map dependent it makes no sense in a stand-alone placeable.

Only thing you can define in a placeable husbandry is the <module name="animals"> <config .. husbandryFileName=..
However this doesn't contain food infos.

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