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Created17.03.2020 16:41

Shaun Ryan (Unknown) 17.03.2020 16:41

I am having equipment concerns with the PS4 Willamina Forest Mod Map.

I am not a Developer or a Modder, I am simply a gamer with a concern.

I found when I have friends join my map, they are unable to use the up/down control of any arm mechanism. Initial concern was found when my dad tried to use the base game Scorpion. He is unable to move arm up/down. Left/Right functions are working properly. We also tried in the in game base Forestry Cab Over truck with claw at rear. Again the up/down functions are not working. I also purchased base game Skid Steers and Wheel Loaders all have the same concern. I have also had other friends join my map, all have the same concern. I have also joined their maps and I have the same problems as them in my map.

Also too, during the aforementioned testing. I found when I used the plow from the "Hauer Snow Pack", it will not let me turn from left to right to allow for wind rowing. I suspect that due to the controls for the plow rotation require the right stick up/down functions. That these concerns may be related.

The confusing part is that the apart from the plow. All equipment for me seems to work, just not for people who have joined my session.

Thank you in advance for any advice/feedback.


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 17.03.2020 17:53
Wrong forum, better try in general forum, perhaps in ModHub bug reports.
Usually the mod authors watch this forum.
This here (Giants Developer Network) is meant for technical, modding support.
The consoles are not supported due to the fact that you cannot modify any content (self).

Shaun Ryan (Unknown) 17.03.2020 18:20
Excellent, thank you for the clarification and direction to go from here. Greatly appreciated.

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