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Converted a mod from 17, can't buy it

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Created19.03.2020 22:39

Hawaii 19.03.2020 22:39
Hey, I converted some bigbags from fs17 to fs19 using the GE cloud something stuff. The bigbags show up in game and even in the shop, however when I click to buy them nothing happens (it doesn't even go to the showcase). I've checked the log file, and everytime I click on the bigbags, this error occurs:
Error: Running LUA method 'mouseEvent'
dataS/scripts/gui/ShopConfigScreen.lua(763) : attempt to concatenate local 'typeName' (a nil value)
So what am I supposed to do now?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 20.03.2020 11:19
The "cloud conversion" doesn't work in all cases. Then you must convert manually.

The error message indicates a problem with name. Maybe there's only something to adapt in the modDesc.xml.
Else take a similar bag from FS19 game as template, compare and convert the xml files accordingly. Maybe you also have to make some minor changes in the i3d.

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