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Impossible to modify i3d files !!!,!!

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Created21.03.2020 10:08

Jefferson Larue (silver) 21.03.2020 10:08

Been trying to modify an i3d file with GE but impossible to delete but impossible to do so, as if the file was "securised" and impossible to modify.

Have made as "save as" and changed the name of it but it doen't change anything

Any clue ?

thanks in advance

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 21.03.2020 11:28
It's also impossible to say what's wrong without seeing the i3d (live). *g*

It might be, there are problems in the i3d's xml structure, so the GE can display, but is not able to edit.
Read carefully the GE log, if any errors/warnings are reported.

Investigate the i3d in a text editor. Check the xml syntax, eg. by a browser with debug functions or by an external xml syntax checker.

I've seen some i3d's with irregular, eg. oversized tags. Such things might prevent the GE from processing the i3d properly.

In any case: make sure, you have write access to the files in source folder. Due to the Win UAC it might be restricted. In doubt run the GE "as administrator".

Jefferson Larue (silver) 22.03.2020 11:37
Okay will try all this and keep posted


Jefferson Larue (silver) 29.03.2020 09:54

The i3d does not show any errors. However, when running GE as administrator, the i3d file of the mod does not show....

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