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Created21.03.2020 19:39

Wojtas Zacho (Speedyb13) 21.03.2020 19:39
Hi, I have a problem. I built my new pig farm, the model is loading, there are no errors in the log and when buying pigs the game stutters. I can only buy 12 pieces. The above amount already stutters.

Can you change the number of animals displayed? for example a pig farm for 50 pigs and only 10 displays.

Sorry for my English.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 21.03.2020 22:21
The number of max. displayed animals is calculated by the game and depends on your hardware configuration and settings.
I'd assume a game default husbandry works ok at yours?
In most cases a problem with mods is caused by a faulty navigation mesh.

Wojtas Zacho (Speedyb13) 22.03.2020 09:55
Yes, everything is fine in the original pigsty.
Is there a minimum NAVMESH size? My navmesh size is x=9.501 z=7.869 and he is in the building.. Maybe the problem is that it is in a closed space?

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