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Created22.03.2020 01:54

Filip Igrice (Flipsss) 22.03.2020 01:54
So I ran into a problem with exporting a i3d file from blender. I am trying to modify combine mesh(I want to remove one panel in cabin). NOTE: I've never worked in blender nor am I a real modder so expect something dumb.
What I basically did was:
1.Opened i3d file of combine in GE(everythig fine)
2.Saved as .obj
3.Imported .obj file in blender and removed panel mesh( model had no textures)
4.Exported as i3d file (I named it the same as the original i3d file)
5. Opened that i3d in GE (no textures showing or that list of things on the right)

So I think the problem is that i have no textures in blender but I don't know how to add them if they already exist. In GE I get just one blue cube. Does that mean that original i3d.shapes isn't connected to my i3d? And if not, is it possible to connect i3d.shapes to my i3d file?

Sorry for long post.

Edoardo Boccellari (YZ_Edo21) 22.03.2020 10:32
tell me if i'm wrong but what i've understood is that you want to add a texture to your model, so:
In blender add a material, if you have the 2.79b version or older you'll find it on the right orizontal small menu with lots of icons and it's a red sphere with 2 darker squares on it, then you go on to textures (always on same menu, on the right side of the screen, the icon is a chequered red and white plane) and then with your material selected you hit "New", open an existing texture, add an hemi lamp and move the visualization mode to material on the bottom menu, if everything is allright you can export and then you open g.e. with notepad++ and you cancel the directory after "filename=" till it matches the folder of your model.
Ex. you have a main folder>Texture folder
then you'll have to keep the part from "Texture/" to end.
Let me know if it's going and if it was what you were searching about.

Edoardo Boccellari (YZ_Edo21) 22.03.2020 10:32

Edoardo Boccellari (YZ_Edo21) 22.03.2020 10:32

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