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correct shape for fillVolumes??

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Created23.03.2020 20:40

Unknown 23.03.2020 20:40
I made a custom fillVolume but it isn't visible ingame. I set everything just like the fillVolumes in basegame vehicles. I read online that fillVolumes need to have 'the correct shape', but what is the correct shape?

What can you do, and what can't you do? Can a fillVolume be an 'organic' shape, aka not a cube? The fillVolume I made was a lump of hay (I'm working on a hay fork).

Thanks in advance

William Beard (willbobber) 15.04.2020 08:34
I was told that the top and bottom have to be perfectly true to each other or the top had to be perfectly flat. Not sure how true it is, I did done some playing around a few years back and struggled to create one then I think it worked after I learned this.

Might be worth a try

Unknown 15.04.2020 22:15
Oh okay thanks for that!!

William Beard (willbobber) 16.04.2020 02:38
Also it maybe that it has to be a solid object ie when in blender you can have a square but it can still have separate sides. If you select vertices option, highlight the object then merge vertices it will then be a solid but empty cube.

Might be worth a try.

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