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Created24.03.2020 03:20

Draco Mancer (Unknown) 24.03.2020 03:20
I am converting a tractor to FS19. I've rewritten the xml, fixed some things in the i3d. After that I tried it in game, the tractor appears in the store, but not loading the wheels, just falls on the ground. After buying it, it appears at the shop but I cannot enter it, but I can move it with another vehicle. No errors in log, I really don't know why is this happening.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 24.03.2020 13:05
A very common failure is caused by improper adaption to new FS19 style.
Where the FS17 wheels had in xml the simple tag
it's now in FS19
<wheels> <wheelConfigurations>

There may be also other tags not converted properly. Take a default FS19 tractor as template and compare step for step.

Draco Mancer (Unknown) 24.03.2020 13:10
Thanks, I'll try

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