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Created24.03.2020 14:15

Luca Bertocchi (lc1997) 24.03.2020 14:15
Hi at all, I'm fairly new to the world of modding. I'm trying to make custom animals work, but in the game log it tells me: "Warning: Unknown fillType 'piglet' for MaterialUtil.onCreateMaterial". what does this error depend on? How can I solve it?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 25.03.2020 04:28
You're admitting beeing "fairly new to the world of modding". So you should start with quite simple mods and enhance your knowledge stepwise. First at all begin learning by tutorials and from mods made by others.
An experienced user knows what that error message means. The error "Unknown fillType" is caused by missing/faulty fillType description in "fillTypes.xml" - and/or - additional fillTypes usually need also a custom "materialHolder.i3d" in the map (see "map.xml").
Apart from that the handling of animals is totally different from usual fillTypes. There are several mods with custom animals around. If you later feel some more experienced, take these mods as examples.

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