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I'm having problems with tire deformation.

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Created31.03.2020 13:33

Marcell Viczián (UnhandyFern) 31.03.2020 13:33
Hi! I made a tire in blender, and converted it to giants editor. When i apply the vehicle shader and choose the tire pressure deformation, the deformation happens at the middle of the tire, not where the tire touches the ground. (IMAGE: Please help me!

Bd Bdbssb (bdbssb) 31.03.2020 13:36
Could it be a rotation issue? Did you lock rotation and scale before exporting?

Marcell Viczián (UnhandyFern) 31.03.2020 13:38

Marcell Viczián (UnhandyFern) 31.03.2020 13:41

Marcell Viczián (UnhandyFern) 31.03.2020 13:46
I locked them, but not working. :(

Bd Bdbssb (bdbssb) 01.04.2020 01:11
Hmm. Been a while since I messed with tire shader settings. Did you compare shader numbers to a default tire, also check origin points compared to them. Sometimes the default shader numbers aren’t exactly what you want so I will look at a default item, I’ll even open the i3d in notepad ++ and look at material attributes. I’ll even copy the entire material and paste it in to my i3d to test it out. It could be a simple difference in material type.

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