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How to make animations with reference points?

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Created31.03.2020 13:54

Marcell VicziƔn (UnhandyFern) 31.03.2020 13:54
I saw that most of the mods are using reference points for the animations. I put a rubber skirt on under the seat, and put the reference point of the skirt's scale to the seat suspension. I did the work with the xml, but it is not working. Can you help me please? (Screenshots:

Luca Braun (Bigfarmer145) 16.04.2020 12:03
I cant see but it is important, that the Mesh aligns the Z-Axis (The Blue Arrow of the Rubbermounts must point directly to the reference point). Also for a good appearance it would be good, if the pivot of the Rubbermounts lays at the bottom, where it is fixed.

Then i am not sure but the referenceFrame might have the node "0>29" only. At least you could give it a try.

If it is still not working, then the movingTools might not work on seats (I dont know). Giants uses skinned mesh for this.

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