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Add Fertilizer Tank to Modded Map

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Created01.04.2020 23:52

Jim Anderson (Jander537) 01.04.2020 23:52
I am trying to add a Fertilizer tank buy point to a map I am modding. Can some one point me to a thread or video that shows/explains how to do this? I have tried adding the .i3d, shapes, textures and .xml file in a new folder in the placeables directory. I believe I added the reference to the .xml file to the defaultItems.xml file.I can see the tank but when I pull up to it I do not get a fill option. I placed the tank near and existing sale point. Thanks

Karyn Mcdonough (Unknown) 02.04.2020 14:00
Did you open the cover?

Jim Anderson (Jander537) 02.04.2020 15:48
Sorry, I should have clarified. It's a liquid fertilizer tank. I'm trying to setup an anhydrous ammonia type of tank that anyone on the map can purchase from. I've seen some examples where there is an invisible liquid fertilizer tank and fill trigger with either an ammonia tank or some other type of tank that is visible.

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