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Created03.04.2020 15:13

Nours Artd (NouRs) 03.04.2020 15:13
Hi guys, i'm french, sorry maybe for my bad english..

Well, I'm creating a compost turner for FS19. It's fonctionnal but i've a little problem when the object had a collision with another things. I post the link to my video about this problem.

If somebody had a solution..

Have good day. ++

Luca Braun (Bigfarmer145) 16.04.2020 12:49
looks strange maybe it helps if you show us your component-entrys:
did you use the breakable entry?

Or better post you whole XML with screenshot from the i3d-scenegraph

furthermore check your CollisionMask-entrys and Rigid-body settings.

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