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Created04.04.2020 00:36

Dimitrije Dejanic (DXModding) 04.04.2020 00:36
can i make a chain uvScroll while moving,like a speedrotating part?

Luca Braun (Bigfarmer145) 16.04.2020 10:48
Yes should be.
You can see all parameters in the speedRotatingParts.lua here:

You dont need to be a programmer to understand. Like on line 165 you can see that a "scrollScale" ist a possible parameter and needs 2 values. But it works only with a "shaderNode".

i have not tried it, but it could work like this:
<!-- standard-->
<speedRotatingPart node="0>0" radius="0.22" groundReferenceNodeIndex="1" />
<!-- scolling part -->
<speedRotatingPart node="0>1" shaderNode="1" scrollScale="1 0" groundReferenceNodeIndex="1" />

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