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New Field Creation - Grass showing on cultivated Field

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Created05.04.2020 17:23

Jarod A Geyer (cloneman95) 05.04.2020 17:23
I am creating a map and this is my first time. Everything is going smooth so far but I've run into an issue. When I have the box checked for 0 and nothing else, I paint a cultivated field. The problem is I get spots that has grass over top the cultivated field. I can not seem to get rid of them. When I repaint they stay there, when I subtract the stay there, and when I change to a different foliage setting like 2, plowed, they stay there. I took a Screenshot but don't know if that will help since I can't upload it. Thanks!

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 06.04.2020 00:04
Before you create a field, you must prepare the ground accordingly: paint the terrain with dirt texture and remove all foliage.

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