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Going from Blender to Giants Editor

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Created08.04.2020 08:25

Connor Fuss (Unknown) 08.04.2020 08:25
Hey All, I am currently creating a chaser bin which has a division and can be utilised as a seed tender. I have made the model, quite basic however I am having some trouble going from just a model to a textured piece to then get it into giants editor. I think have made the UV map but i really don't know what I am doing next. If anyone could help that would be great. I have spent hours watching and studying tutorials but none of them really apply or can be used with the new blender and they don't show the whole process after model creation or explain it very well.

Basically my problem. I have a 3D model, i now want to texture it and get it into giants editor but Im not sure if my add-ons aren't working or i am doing it all wrong.

Anthony Volpe (antmanvolpe) 14.04.2020 01:11
Try this video:

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