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Created09.04.2020 01:46

Frederik Decroos (Frederik04) 09.04.2020 01:46
Hi thereI have a problem installing a cowshed.there is enough space, the ground is flat and the building is green, but the game prompts "cannot place the building please try again".
does anyone know what I can do about this.
can I change something in the xml file?
or can I place the cowshed by giants editordoes
anyone know how to do this or do you have any tips

(maybe interesting to now: there was already a cowshed before, but on other places in the map it is nice to place the stable)

thank you in advance

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 09.04.2020 04:12
After you have removed the old stable, save the game and delete in savegame the "plcColMap.grle". The game will create a new file.

Frederik Decroos (Frederik04) 09.04.2020 23:37

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