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Created12.04.2020 04:56

Sleepy Fox (Unknown) 12.04.2020 04:56
I'm just looking for the chicken mesh/rig so I can have a go at modding in some new animal types and just can't seem to find where they are hiding. I've found the "store" images and the "husbandryChickenSmall"/"husbandryChickenLarge" i3d files but nothing for the animals themselves.
Any help hugely appreciated!

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 12.04.2020 08:36
For a new animal type you have to edit a couple of different files. Beginning from fillTypes upto dedicated animalHusbandry and foodDefinitions.

Not a theme for beginners. ;)

Lara Lara (LsLara) 13.04.2020 18:15

The I3D/SHAPES and textures for animals are hidden in dataS2.gar if that was your question.

If you want to learn about reskinning/creating your own animals etc. I'd recommend to have a look at "Hof Bergmann" map.

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