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Created15.04.2020 23:02

Andras Kobor (Unknown) 15.04.2020 23:02
Hi All,

I would like to add a new bunker silo for an existing map (Sandy Bay), but I'm missing something and at the end instead of a working new bunker silo all of existing bunkers are going to be wrong...

Here's what I've done:
1) copy an existing bunker silo placeable and position it where I want to have it (!Au5Fta7GN2I7ge9imH4TP_qE-QNW8Q?e=S4mlT7);
2) copy an existing trigger for the bunker silo and position it to the new silo (!Au5Fta7GN2I7ge9jHPuJGnVkaf5cwg?e=YM9wav);
3) copy an existing bunkerSiloArea and position it to new silo (best I could, but startingNode, widthNode and heightNode don't seem to be fix as it looks like in case of an existing silo; they are floating away when I'm changing camera position) (!Au5Fta7GN2I7ge9hpeKHjYK7VQfHkA?e=h37XmD);
4) and finally edit the xml for the bunker silos (!Au5Fta7GN2I7ge9ghxU0wcOTKTlXqA?e=kxmXdQ).

But as I mentioned, when I start a new game with the modified map, the silo is there, but the trigger doesn't work for any bunker silo anymore.

Has anyone some idea/experience what I'm doing wrong?


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 15.04.2020 23:39
You must not insert the bunker silo in GE, but by the defaultItems(xml).
Beneath the silo only works if you own the farmland where it is placed.

Andras Kobor (Unknown) 16.04.2020 22:20
Thanks Bilbo! Unfortunately I couldn't configure a new silo via the items.xml neither. However I've progress on the original way with the GE: now I can unload the grass in the new bunker silo and it turns to chaff! :D But compressing and of course covering still doesn't work... And I don't have fill level and compressed level label in the help in the top left corner, but I could live with that if compressing would work. :(

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 17.04.2020 10:14
Look into the BunkerSilo LUA
The FS17 style with user attribute BunkerSilo.onCreate is not supported anymore.
If you want your bunkerSilo get to work, you must convert it to a placeable and insert via defaultItems.
See for reference the game default bunkerSilos.

Andras Kobor (Unknown) 20.04.2020 13:54
Thanks again Bilbo! I started it from scratch, focused on defaultitems.xml and tried to copy existing silos there as you suggested and finally it's working. :)

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