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Created20.04.2020 12:08

Flemming Holmelund (Berdin) 20.04.2020 12:08
I'm a little annoyed, when the sound doesn't fit on the map I'm making, and I have found out that there is a map for sound, but how do I change så I can get sound where it belong, an how då I get the map look ujp for this sound map.

I know that in mapUS.xml there is a line "<sounds filename="$data/maps/mapUS_sound.xml" /> is it here I changes, and what do I white to make it works. is it: <sounds filename="$modfile$xxxmap/maps/mapUS_sound.xml" /> I have to white?

And in sound in mapUS_sound.xml - is there anything I shout changes there

as the last in mapUS_sound.i3D is there anytihing I can do so I don't have to copy sound til my map folder.

I hope you understand my English, because I'm not good at that.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 20.04.2020 14:03
It's very simple:
To edit an already existing sound.i3d import it into your map, make the changes and export this part. Afterwards you can delete it from your map.

To redirect the soundfile to your custom one, write in map.xml
<sounds filename="path/mySound.xml" /> where path is relative to the map's root folder.

Flemming Holmelund (Berdin) 21.04.2020 13:11

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