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Extending the navmesh on a savegame?

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Created23.04.2020 02:47

Ross Baxter (Unknown) 23.04.2020 02:47

I am sure this may have been covered before, maybe my search queries are not good enough or possibly I do not fully understand the answer.

I am playing on a blank map (read: there are no farm buildings) and I want to place in a cattle farm. The problem with them is that the area the cows have to roam is tiny, some of the larger cattle sheds that can take 250 cows have areas less than half the size of the main shed which ruins the idea of having it for me.

So, is it possible to place a shed, then open the map in GE with the placeable, and then extend the navmesh for the cattle?

I am assuming that it would be easy to do *as a placeable*, i.e. open the actual placeable and make a larger navmesh, but this would then require a massive amount of terraforming in game to get it all level for the placeable (another stupid thing, hopefully futire FS games will allow you to place things on uneven ground).

So, am I on to something or is this just a job too far?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 23.04.2020 06:09
The navmesh is linked directly with the associated husbandry.
You may exchange in savegame husbandry xml's. But if the navmesh doesn't fit with the ground, you'll get very ugly optical appearance if animals hover over ground or disappear in ground.

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