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Created23.04.2020 13:49

Unknown 23.04.2020 13:49
Hi, so I'm a bit confused about the rules for logo's and brands on mods that are released through the ModHub. If I read the guidelines of the ModHub, it says no brands can be used that are not in the basegame. Yet, I see mods on the ModHub that do use logo's of brands that aren't in the basegame, and they are released for PC and for console.

There's an Ifor Williams car trailer, some Dangreville trailers, Marshall trailers, Gallignani bales (although it is part of Kverneland group), all available for console

The ModHub guidelines say: "Console mod (version) must not include any external scripts or feature any brand GIANTS Software does not possess the license for."

So my question is, how is this interpreted? What brands can be used? If a brand is not a registred trademark, can it be used?
I'm asking this because I'm building a car trailer, and for realism I would like to use a brand of a car trailer manufacturer for the mod. But if that would mean it would fail testing, then I'd rather avoid having to redo parts of the mod to make it comply.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 23.04.2020 17:18
See it as warning that Microsoft or Sony might refuse the permission to release for their consoles if they detect unlicensed brands.
Also, a brand owner can afterwards insist on discarding the mod even if it was not rejected by Giants.

For safety use a fictive brand or the Giants' label LIZARD.
Or ask the brand owner for explicite permission.

Unknown 23.04.2020 21:55
So basicly whether a brand is accepted for a console mod depends on Microsoft or Sony recognising the logo and detecting an unlicensed brand?

Think I'll invent my own fictive brand to be safe, thanks!

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