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Created24.04.2020 21:33

Draco Mancer (Unknown) 24.04.2020 21:33
I textured my tractor with udim tiles, every face has the right texture in GE but with too high resolution that I can't see it's pattern. How can I change the resolustion of them? They get loaded automatically by vehicleShader when switching to colorMask and I can't modify the image.
I already tried to scale the UV's down as much as I could in every tile, but the difference was really minor, that I still couldn't see the rubber or any pattern.

Lorenzos (lorenzoita) 24.04.2020 21:41
By my experience material pattern scale is also affected by the mesh scale. Try to freeze the scale to 1,1,1.

Draco Mancer (Unknown) 24.04.2020 21:43
Thanks, I'll try

Draco Mancer (Unknown) 24.04.2020 21:45
Thank you, actually fixed it! :)

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