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Error loading mod: No cameras defined!

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Created25.04.2020 20:53

Unitech Uni (Unknown) 25.04.2020 20:53
Hi! I'm just the newby in modding, may someone help resolving such trouble loading tractor mod, assembled in GE8.01 into FS19:

I have 2 cameras in 3id file:
<TransformGroup name="camerasBack" translation="2.6054e-15 -2.98023e-08 5.96046e-08" rotation="2.03556e-13 -1.77954e-20 5.00896e-06" clipDistance="300" nodeId="40">
<TransformGroup name="outdoorCameraTargetBack" translation="0 1.332 -0.9" rotation="-24 180 0" clipDistance="300" nodeId="41">
<Camera name="outdoorCameraBack" translation="-9.04941 5.71195 -5.06511" rotation="109.273 -56.325 -138.068" clipDistance="300" nodeId="42" fov="54.43" nearClip="0.3" farClip="5000" orthographicHeight="1"/>
<Camera name="indoorCameraBack" translation="0 2.52877 -0.791129" rotation="-20 180 0" clipDistance="300" nodeId="43" fov="75" nearClip="0.01" farClip="5000" orthographicHeight="1"/>
<TransformGroup name="cameraRaycastNode1" translation="0 1.59899 -2.26523" clipDistance="300" nodeId="44"/>
<TransformGroup name="cameraRaycastNode2" translation="0 2.85 -1.03977" clipDistance="300" nodeId="45"/>
<TransformGroup name="cameraRaycastNode3" translation="0 2.85 0" clipDistance="300" nodeId="46"/>

and according tag in my xml:
<camera node="outdoorCameraBack" rotatable="true" rotateNode="outdoorCameraTargetBack" limit="true"
useWorldXZRotation="true" rotMinX="-1.4" rotMaxX="1" transMin="3" transMax="35"
translation="0 0 5.8" rotation="-17.5 180 0">
<raycastNode node="cameraRaycastNode1"/>
<raycastNode node="cameraRaycastNode2"/>
<raycastNode node="cameraRaycastNode3"/>
<camera node="indoorCameraBack" rotatable="true" limit="true" rotMinX="-1.1" rotMaxX="0.4" transMin="0"
transMax="0" useMirror="true" isInside="true" shadowFocusBox="shadowFocusBox" />
All the names of cameras and their target and rotating nodes are fixed in <i3dmapping>, I checked all node numbers an groups are correct.
Yet my mod is not loading with an error: No cameras defined!

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 25.04.2020 21:04
The <cameras> tag must be within the <enterable> tag.

Unitech Uni (Unknown) 25.04.2020 21:19
It helped!!!
Thank you, goodheart!

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