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self-leveling as a cabin of ponsse scorpion king

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Created27.04.2020 19:38

Luca Bertocchi (lc1997) 27.04.2020 19:38
hello, I'm trying to have a leveling like the claas tucano 430 montana 4, I wanted to use the leveling of the cabin of the ponsse, but when I go to set it with the right knots it does not seem to work and has positioning problems

Lorenzos (lorenzoita) 27.04.2020 20:03
Self-levelling it's quite a tricky thing.
If you simply copy and paste the XML lines from the ponsse it's practically impossible that it'll work correctly.

You should try to understand how the ponsse works and then you can try to implement it on your vehicle

Luca Bertocchi (lc1997) 27.04.2020 23:12
I also did the test with the ropa tiger and on one axis it works. I think it doesn't just depend on movingParts but that something is missing and I wanted to know if someone more experienced could give me explanations

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