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Invalid triangle cooking data??

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Created29.04.2020 21:07

Unknown 29.04.2020 21:07
So for a mod I'm making I get an error in my game log saying:
Warning: Invalid triangle cooking data for 'ladderRack_colShape'

This node is a lowpoly collision, a compoundChild of the root collision. this compoundChild is toggled by configurations. When looking at the mod in developer mode showing collisions, the configuration where the compoundChild is deactivated shows the collision as a static collision, the configuration where the compoundChild is active is fine and the collision works there.

So when the collision is deactivated it becomes a static collision which floats in the air.

The collision was made by myself, not taken from a basegame vehicle.

What causes this to happen?? I googled this but couldn't fint anything, all I could find was about people getting an error like this in Giants Editor but I do not get an error in the editor.

Unknown 02.05.2020 14:26
Nobody any idea? I redid the collision by taking part of another collision that did not give this error. But the new collision still gives the same error, even though previously it was working as part of the other collision.

Dan Wall (Nad42) 23.07.2022 14:21
Sorry to necro but did you ever find a solution... I am getting the same error.. I have literally just copied a mod into a new folder to start editing it. it doesn't show any errors in GE only when you load in game. its only with a random few collision boxes, the rest are all fine.

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