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How to add a fill trigger to map?

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Created02.05.2020 11:04

Dom Barber (Unknown) 02.05.2020 11:04
I feel sure this will have been answered somewhere but I can't find it using the search function. I'm a noob to modding FS so forgive me if this is a stupid question.

I want to know how to add a fill trigger to a map without adding an actual object.

Several Maps I play on have objects around the farm which look like they should provide water or fertiliser but they don't. I don't want to add another tank as it will look messy. Is there a way I can just add a buying fill trigger for a type of product to any random place? I would like to be able to buy fertiliser from the tanks on the farm.

Thanks in advance!!

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 02.05.2020 12:41
FillTriggers are inserted at game start by the defaultItems.xml.
Take for example a default map, look into the defaultItems (mapDE|US_items.xml). Just like the limeStation you can add any station.

Import the desired station.i3d into your map to get the right coordinates for placement. You need it only temporary, don't save the map with the imported station. Memorize translation and rotation to take over into the defaultItems.xml.

Dom Barber (Unknown) 02.05.2020 17:43
Thanks for the quick reply that't brilliant.
I've followed those instructions and I'm half way there. I'm starting to get how this works now. I have the trigger now, but the model also loaded, so I just have a messy random silo.
Is it something to do with the model being pulled in by the XML even though It's not there on the editor?
Can I delete something from the items XML or the selling points XML so there's no model/collision but still the trigger?

Also...discovered that I can't do the same with solid fertiliser as its usually only by big bag. Is there any way to add a buying trigger for solid fertiliser like there is for lime?

Thanks again!

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