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Animation of parking brake

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Created04.05.2020 19:06

Unitech Uni (Unknown) 04.05.2020 19:06
Hi! By some reason my cries for help stay unresponded. Probably community has no deficit in new members or in new amateurs of modding.

Won't someone help me to initiate the animation of a parking brake in my mod of tractor.
There are examples where such animations are inserted into <enterAnimation name=....> in <enterable> section.
It works fine,
But I'd like to play this animation with a start and stop of a motor.
I've tried <motorStartAnimation name=...> inside <motorized> section, but it won't go.
Is it possible not using lua-scripts?
Thank you.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 04.05.2020 22:13
Honestly: with a quick glance into the Motorized.lua you could have found the right attributes.
It is NOT <motorStartAnimation name=.. but <motor .. startAnimationName=.. >

Unitech Uni (Unknown) 04.05.2020 23:35
Thank you so much!
It may seem obvies for you, but I'm not lua-scriptor and I have not intended to deepen into lua specifications, hoping to use xml tags for building a mod. But it seems there is no any source with a full reference list of available xml tags and their keys for FS (except the book for doomies, wich is very poor). Maybe you would advise some info about it? Thank you for your answer in any case!

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 04.05.2020 23:48
You don't have to understand LUA to learn anything from the LUADOCs. It is also a reference book for pure XML application.
Look into the '..load..' sections where the xml is evaluated. There you'll see all valid xml tags and attributes.

Unitech Uni (Unknown) 04.05.2020 23:55
Hundred years to live - hundred years to study! Thank you, I'll try to follow recomendation!

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